Welcome to Peragri Alliance AG

Peragri Alliance Ltd. is a union of fruit and vegetables producers from all over the world. They stand for highest quality, best service and fair prices.

The production costs as well as the price pressure in the markets have been increasing steadily during the last years, fact that leads to choose a cost efficient, transparent and direct marketing channel.

Peragri Alliance Ltd. is an alliance of most valuable growers all over the world, focusing on serving the European and the Swiss market directly and in a transparent way. The growers are being chosen and guided according to very strict rules, defined within Peragri Alliance Ltd. A “bonus-malus” system is forcing and motivating them to fulfil the requirements of Swiss Legislation for food safety as well as quality standards and availability.

The members of Peragri Alliance Ltd chose the lean and completely transparent structure of

PPO Services AG, Däniken

to distribute their products in Switzerland and in Europe. The cost efficiency and direct flow of information are being demanded and appreciated by both, clients and producers.

At the same time PPO Services Ltd has established PPO Foundation to support social projects in the production areas of the members of Peragri Alliance Ltd.